Massage Therapy Licensure

Massage Therapy Licensure in Alabama

If you are considering setting up a massage therapy center in Alabama, then there are key things you need to know. These are the essential tips that will guide you through how to become a massage therapist in Alabama. It comprises things like:

  • Massage therapy licensing,
  • How long it may take to get licensed,
  • How much massage therapists make an hour, and finally  
  • How to get certified.

So, keep reading to get fully informed about massage therapy Alabama.

Do You Need a Massage License in Alabama?

Yes, you do.  

According to the State of Alabama, you must have a license to offer massage therapy services or operate or advertise a massage. And so, unless you’re specially exempted, having a massage license is one of the mandatory requirements.   

So, who massage licenses massage therapy services?

Well, all massage therapy services are licensed by the Alabama board of massage therapy according to Alabama administrative code.   

Can You Practice Massage Therapy Without a License in Alabama?

To be able to practice massage therapy in Alabama, you need to:

  1. Have National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certification, and
  2. Be licensed by the Alabama Massage Therapy Board

Therefore, it means you cannot perform massage therapy services without any of the above documents.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Massage Therapist?

A time frame that will define when you will become a massage therapist varies depending on the program you enroll in. Generally, all programs have in-class instructions and practical training that ranges from 300 to 1000 hours. Therefore, this will translate to somewhere between a couple of weeks and two years.

Massage Therapist

Some of the key requirements required by the Alabama massage therapy board are grouped into the following categories:

  1. Educational Requirements:

All educational program has to be completed according to states rules and regulations. One notable requirement in this category is 650 hours of education.

  • 250 hours for massage therapy study 
  • At least 100 hours for anatomy and physiology study, which comprise of the following content:
  • Myology at least 35 hours
  • Osteology at least 15 hours
  • Nervous system at least 10 hours
  • Circulatory system at least 10 hours
  • At least 40 hours for Pathology study
  • And additional 50 hours to cover the Alabama Massage Board’s miscellaneous requirements
  1. Examination Requirements:

To become a massage therapist in Alabama, you must pass standardized examinations. And therefore, the Alabama massage board has decided that the accepted licensing exam be Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

Board Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCETMB) is another examination offered by NCBTMB. This exam may not be as essential as the first one, but it may play a significant role in your certification process. 

  1. Additional Requirements:

According to the massage therapy Alabama Board rules (2014 edition), a liability insurance policy is an additional requirement that you’re required to have in order to offer massage therapy service in Alabama. The insurance policy has to cover at least $1,000,000. Furthermore, the carrier must at least bear ‘A’ in ranking.

Something to keep in mind is that licensure applications can get declined if the applicant had once offered massage in a sexually oriented business.

Remember, you have to meet all of the above requirements to be a licensed massage therapist in the State of Alabama.

How Much Do Massage Therapists Make An Hour?

The average salary for a massage therapist in Alabama is $16.68 per hour. Typically, masseuse wages in Alabama start from as low as $8.58 per hour to a maximum of $32.41 per hour. 

How Do You Get Certified as A Massage Therapist?

Here is how to get certified as a massage therapist: 

  1. First, you will have to download, fill and submit an application request to the Alabama massage therapy board. Note a $25 money order or cashier’s check should accompany your application form.
  2. Secondly, you should only provide official transcripts. However, only in ‘unusual circumstances’ alternate documents can be accepted.
  3. All the transcript has to be in English. If not, ensure you’ve them translated before submitting them.
  4. Provide two passport style photographs 
  5. Finally, a license fee of $100 will be needed. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you meet the Alabama massage therapy board requirements, your application will definitely get approved. You can reach out to the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy via telephone at 334-420-7233 or 866-873-4664.Also, be sure to check out the Licensure Process And Requirements (Alabama Administrative Code) before starting your application process. And that’s all. Thank you, and I hope this information is worthwhile.