Approaching your case in a collaborative manner can transform the process from a difficult ending into a new beginning. It can also protect your family’s privacy and help you maintain greater control over the outcome. The people who choose the collaborative process will benefit from custom-made solutions that focus on the facts and circumstances of their family.

Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative process provides an alternative to the traditional litigation model of divorce and modification. In the collaborative process, you, your spouse and your attorneys commit to resolving the dispute outside the courtroom. With the help of an impartial financial professional and a neutral mental health professional, you have six parties working together to create a solution that is a win-win for everyone and fits the circumstances of your family.

The requirement that attorneys must withdraw if the case cannot be settled outside of court keeps everyone committed to the process, and prevents parties from threatening to take the matter to court. Founding partner Lisa Marquis has handled in excess of fifty collaborative cases involving divorce, modification and paternity matters, and is well-respected in Collin and Dallas County as one of the premier collaborative law attorneys.